Gloucester teenager sentenced to 19 years after gun seized and mass shooting plans discovered

Gloucester teenager sentenced to 19 years after gun seized and mass shooting plans discovered

Kyle Davies

A Gloucester teenager convicted in July of attempting to import a gun and ammunition with intent to endanger life has been sentenced to 19 years today (Friday, September 13).

Kyle Davies, 19, from Wotton in Gloucester, ordered a handgun and ammunition on the dark web, but the parcel was intercepted at Newark Airport, New York, by Homeland Security Investigations.

Officers from the South West Regional Organised Crime Unit (SW ROCU) delivered a replica parcel, arrested Davies and searched his house.

During his trial the jury was shown handwritten notes discovered in Davies’ bedroom, which included a ‘shopping list’ of a gas mask, trench coat, gloves, boots, body armour and the ingredients needed to make explosives, together with a drawing of 77 stick men to represent the victims of the 2011 explosion and shootings in Norway. He had also written ‘Hello Mr Policeman’ and ‘This one Mr Policeman’ indicating he expected to be the focus of a police investigation one day.

Analysis of his devices revealed extensive research into mass shootings and the equipment needed to carry out such attacks.

Following today’s sentencing at Taunton Crown Court Detective Inspector Kevin Till from the SW ROCU said: “When officers arrested Kyle Davies in June last year, no one anticipated what they would go on to find when his bedroom and devices were searched. It quickly became apparent that he was a very dangerous individual who not only idolised mass shooters, but had begun his own preparations to follow in their footsteps.

“The meticulous investigation by officers and staff at the South West Regional Organised Crime Unit, supported by colleagues from Gloucestershire Constabulary, Homeland Security and the CPS, has ensured that Kyle never had the opportunity to progress his plans.

“I believe that together we have prevented a potential mass casualty incident.”

Gloucestershire Constabulary Chief Constable Rod Hansen said: “I value the great work done by the officers in the South West Regional Organised Crime Unit whose actions and diligent investigation helped keep those in our county safe from a potential mass casualty tragedy.

“Our firearms officers supported in the safe and successful arrest of this individual in a planned operation after he had tried to import a handgun and ammunition.

“Today’s sentence reflects the painstaking work multiple agencies have done in order to bring a dangerous teenager to justice. The people of Gloucestershire are safer as a result of their hard work and dedication and I appreciate their ongoing support to help us keep our local communities safe from harm.”

Howard Phillips, Senior Crown Prosecutor for the CPS, said: “The sentence handed down today clearly shows the level of danger that Kyle Davies poses. He was only stopped through the cooperation of multiple agencies working across international borders. As a result of that work a potential tragedy has been averted”.

Davies was handed down a 16 year custodial sentence, with an extended licence period of three years.

He was also sentenced to eight years for two counts of evading the prohibition on the importation of firearms and ammunition, and six months for two counts of making indecent images of children, which he pleaded guilty to at an earlier hearing and will run concurrently.