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We have dedicated Cyber Protect Officers who provide free and impartial cyber security guidance, workshops and resources to organisations of all sizes and sectors. This is a service offered both by ourselves and your local force’s cyber crime unit.

Our advice is based on the very latest threat intelligence from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) as well as our own investigations. You can read more about how we work with the NCSC on their website.


Our workshops cover a range of important cyber security topics relevant for different organisational roles.

With the exception of the ‘Live Cyber Exercise’ all of the below sessions can be delivered virtually.

Cyber Awareness Talks

Suitable for: Anyone – no technical knowledge required

Duration: 45 minutes minimum (can be longer if required)

A non-technical presentation full of nationally recognised cyber security advice which can be applied both at work and at home.

Using case studies, videos, and interactive elements this session highlights the importance of cyber security and the simple, effective steps you can take to reduce the impact of cyber crime on you and your organisation.

Attendees will also be given a range of resources to take away which reinforces the advice provided in the session.

Topics that can be covered include:

  • What is cyber crime and how do law enforcement tackle it?
  • Cultures and attitudes towards cyber security
  • Remote working
  • Passwords
  • Phishing emails
  • Protecting your network
  • Reporting cyber crime
  • Schemes and accreditations
  • Staying up-to-date with cyber
Board Toolkit

Suitable for: Senior leaders and relevant department leads, IT or non-IT roles

Duration: 2 hours (can be shorter if required)

The board toolkit is developed from our victim engagement work, how we would highlight certain issues the SLT are facing, and from the NCSC’s Board Toolkit resource.

Where our standard inputs highlight vulnerabilities and solutions in a simple format (e.g. weak passwords lead to network intrusions), the toolkit is designed to highlight what “good” cyber security culture looks like.

It also raises questions that the SLT/board would need to address within their own organisation.

Cyber Prepare and Response

Suitable for: Senior decision makers and relevant department leads

Duration: Half a day

Interactive, immersive, discussion based exercise focused on preparing for and responding to cyber incidents.

This workshop breaks down key cyber security concepts, and equips you with the mind-set and knowledge to form effective cyber incident response plans for your own organisation.

Groups of participants will work through realistic scenarios based on the most prevalent cyber attacks facing businesses today. The workshop covers (amongst other aspects):

  • The data landscape as it relates to your organisation
  • Live cyber incident scenarios where participants must respond to a series of injections
  • Input from Cyber Protect Officers on how to go about forming an effective incident response plan

We’re aware that the subject matter can seem a little daunting, but rest assured the CPR workshop has been designed especially for senior decision makers who are not technical professionals.

Cyber Escape Room

Suitable for: Anyone – no technical knowledge required

Duration: 45 minutes minimum

What better way to liven up learning about cyber security than with our interactive Cyber Escape Room!

This workshop puts you in the shoes of a cyber detective who must solve a series of puzzles to help to clear the name of a member of your unit.

Along the way you’ll learn some top cyber security tips which will help protect you and your organisation from cyber crime.

Phishing Masterclass

Suitable for: Anyone – no technical knowledge required

Duration: 45 minutes minimum (can be longer if required)

Phishing is one of the most common and damaging cyber threats facing all organisations. This dedicated interactive workshop helps you understand the tactics used in phishing attacks, so you can better defend your organisation against them.

Decisions and Disruptions

Suitable for: Senior leaders and decision makers – no technical knowledge required

Duration: 2 hours

An immersive exercise where teams work to manage the cyber security of a fictional organisation (made of Lego!), competing against others in the process.

You’ll face scenarios based on real life cyber threats, which will develop and evolve as the exercise goes on. Using your leadership, communication and collaborative expertise, you’ll collectively decide how to protect your reputation, assets and profit.

This session teaches you how to effectively prioritise different technical, procedural and physical controls that your organisation can employ to enhance your cyber security. You’ll also improve your ability to communicate about cyber security to internal and external stakeholders.

Live Cyber Exercise

Suitable for: Senior decision makers, emergency response teams and relevant department leads

Duration: Half a day

A bespoke exercise to test the response plans of the organisation in the event of a cyber attack. This session will present a tailored scenario with authentic injects to simulate a security incident, which develops as time goes on. Working as a team, attendees will respond to the scenario using policies and procedures currently in place across the organisation.

This session aims to emphasise the importance of business continuity plans, and will highlight areas of strength as well as where there may be scope for improvement.

Attendee testimonials

Made cyber training far more relevant and impactful.

Workshop attendee

Informative, delivered in a really fun and accessible way for someone who didn’t know very much! Learned a lot!

Awareness Talks attendee

It was a fantastic event, very engaging and educational.

Awareness Talks attendee

I thought the event was incredibly well presented and very informative. Would definitely recommend people attend.

Prepare and Response Workshop attendee

Informative and fun, didn’t require prior knowledge, made me think about risks and priorities.

Decisions and Disruptions attendee

It was awesome.

Workshop attendee

Interested in a workshop?

Upcoming events

Infographic of the south west UK showing event venue locations and dates.

South West Cyber Protect Roadshow

March 2023 (various dates)

Our first ever South West Cyber Protect Roadshow will feature six FREE events across the region to help you protect your organisation against cyber crime.
The roadshow offers organisations an opportunity to take on the immensely popular Cyber Escape Room, which puts you in the shoes of a cyber detective who must solve a series of fun and interactive puzzles, learning important cyber security concepts along the way. Advisors from regional and local policing will also be on hand throughout the days to answer any questions you may have about securing your organisation, working with law enforcement during cyber incidents, and how to recover from attacks.

Full details can be found on our Eventbrite page linked to below. If you have any questions you can email our team using the contact us button above.


SWRCCU Technical Meetup

Tue 13th Dec, 09:45-12:30

EmPowerCyber 2022

Fri 25th Nov


Virtual SW CiSP Meetup [CiSP Members Only]

Wed 6th June, details on SW CiSP node

Cyber Talks

Wed 14th July

EdTech Festival

Mon 4th – Fri 8th October

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The NCSC website is the central point of information regarding cyber security for the UK, and houses a vast number of resources for both businesses and individuals. We’ve included a couple of their essential guides for SMEs below.

We’ve also created some free advice sheets on some critical topics for you to download and use.

South West Cyber Resilience Centre

We have a strong working relationship with the South West Cyber Resilience Centre, which is a Home Office funded company led by two seconded police officers.

SWCRC is a not-for-profit company which aims to provide ongoing protection and support to SME’s and charities in the region, helping protect them from cybercrime. They provide free advice on how to achieve good cyber hygiene, and will regularly update you with new threats and guidance, as well as arranging specific webinars on topics that may be of interest. And if you need more bespoke advice, they can provide inexpensive service direct to you via their partnerships with regional universities.

They also partner with competent and reputable cyber companies in the area, referring you to these trusted partners if you need the most detailed cyber support.  They aim to provide a bridge between policing and the commercial world, making cyber protection simple, affordable and accessible.

You can sign up for free core membership on their website.

We’re always looking to engage with other groups

For collaborative opportunities, or if you need cyber security advice, email us using the button below.

Please DO NOT email us to report cyber crime, we are unable to take reports. Cyber crime reports should be made to Action Fraud.