Interested in Cyber?

Many young people want to explore how different technology works. This can include learning to code, and experimenting with tools and techniques discovered online.

These are great skills to have and the cyber security industry is very short of people with them. However, some young people are vulnerable, make poor choices, and use such skills illegally, often in ignorance of the law.

The Computer Misuse Act (CMA)

It’s important to know how the law relates to everyday scenarios. Use our CMA guide below to make sure you’re aware of what constitutes an offence.


Virtual Cyber School

Interested in joining the next generation of professional cyber defenders? Thousands of young people are being offered the chance to sign up to the virtual cyber security school!

Learn how to crack codes, fix security flaws and dissect criminals’ digital trails while progressing through the game as a cyber agent. This will help you develop important skills needed for future jobs, particularly in cyber security.


A game designed to teach you the fundamentals of cyber security has also been released for free.

Players protect the virtual city of ‘CyberLand’ from cyber attacks whilst learning key skills!

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