Cyber Choices for Educators

Under the National Crime Agency (NCA)’s Cyber Choices initiative, we engage closely with hundreds of schools and partner agencies, and run bespoke interactive sessions across the South West.

Ethics and Legislation Session

We offer this session for young people to discuss hacking, the risks associated and understanding of the law through relatable scenarios.

This session is aimed towards students aged 13-16, ideally who possess an interest in computing or are studying computer science/IT.

This service is free for all schools, we only require equipment to present from and we will handle the rest! To enquire about booking, or for more information about our work, please email us below.


Cyber Choices

The Cyber Choices programme was created to help people make informed choices and to use their cyber skills in a legal way.

This national programme is coordinated by the National Crime Agency, and the programme website points to a huge number of useful, free developmental resources from trusted partners.

Virtual Cyber School

Thousands of young people are being offered the chance to sign up to the virtual cyber security school!

Learn how to crack codes, fix security flaws and dissect criminals’ digital trails while progressing through the game. This will help develop important skills needed for future jobs, particularly in cyber security.


A series of 16 fun, interactive online games designed to help teachers and after school club leaders teach teenagers the fundamentals of cyber security has also been released for free.

Players protect the virtual city ‘CyberLand’ from cyber attacks while learning key skills needed for future jobs in cyber security.

The Computer Misuse Act (CMA)

It’s important to know how the law relates to everyday scenarios. Use our CMA guide below to make sure you’re aware of what constitutes an offence.

We’re here to help

If you would like to contact our Cyber Choices team for more information, please email us below.

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